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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Long time, No Blog.

I can't really explain why it's been so long since I've blogged again other than my MacBook crashed at the beginning of September, and being the poor young 20-something trying to live a not so cheap/luxe (haha) lifestyle, I had to wait until October 1st to retrieve a new hard drive. That being said, I can now return to attempting to blog more frequently. Now on to Fashion weeks and music for Fall!

Balenciaga SS 12

The Spring 2012 collection had an element of architecture from head to toe. LITERALLY. Structured jackets and bold color-blocking with a touch of luxurious texture. Boxy menswear jackets over bloomer type shorts add a very commanding silhouette translated into a very powerful and bold spring collection for the Balenciaga woman.

Balmain SS 12

After the departure of Christophe Decarnin after last Fall's 2011 collection, Olivier Rousteing has turned the Balmain girl full of attitude/spunk and a hint of rock n' roll on to Western glam (?). It works. The collection still had the certain attitude that the Balmain brand has exuded in the past. Very detailed and full of shine with the gold beadwork all over the collection. Also, a hint of menswear with button-downs and pants giving the power back to the silhouette of the woman. The shoulders are high and so are the shorts/skirts. One thing is for sure is that these themes of neutrals, powder blue and prints are definitely here for Spring 2012.

Christian Dior SS 12

With rumors flying around one of the most glamourous of all of the fashion houses in the world, the fashion community was of course anxious to see what would come of the Spring 2012 Dior collection. Still without a successor since the firing of the great John Galliano last spring, the house of Dior seems to be coming back together after a disappointing Fall 2011 Couture showing of pastels and primary shapes as hat wear. Sheer loose fitting dresses and knee-length hems in about 1/3 of the collection gives a vintage and modest feel. Pops of bright red and again a powdery blue throughout the neutral shades of black white and nude adds to the flowing silhouette. Very girly and not one pair of pants in the entire collection, and that's not always a bad thing. I'm sure John Galliano will not be making a return, at all, but I sure did love his force of telling a story with a theme and show itself, which this collection seemed to be missing. :(

Fall 2011, Mix One.

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