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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Spring/Summer Must-Haves


As most know, I mostly focus on basics and neutrals,
and I am going to stay that way until I die probably...but
I also love using basics with iconic pieces and things that make
an outfit and "outfit". Just by adding the right accessories to the
most basic white t-shirt and jeans can make a statement.

So here are my picks for Spring / Summer must-haves.

1. Of course the BDG V-Neck (Urban Outfitters $14)
2. Standard Sub Cloth Tank (Urban Outfitters $18)
3. Minnetonka Fringe Boot (Urban Outfitters $58)
4. Levi Denim Cut Offs ($38) **OR Make a DIY from a pair from the Fall!!!
5. Nautical Stripes (T's and Light Summer sweaters) (Gap, UO, Mango, Polo Ralph Lauren)
6. Woven Black Leather Sandals (Mango $79)
7. Navajo Braid Cuff (Hayden-Harnett $78)

But remember, when it comes to accessories, it is all about personal preference
and style. I like to accent my outfits with accessories that are not normally worn
by other people such as cuffs and necklaces with odd everyday objects
dangling from them such as keys, hooks, animal teeth, but that is just me.

Personal style is key for me always and for the summer, I am going to be all
about that and Laid Back chic.


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